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At long last, Tuki Carter‘s debut album Flowers and Planes has arrived. Powered by speaker-thumping anthems like the Juicy J-assisted “Jerry Maguire” and his lead single “Commando,” Flowers and Planes finds Tuki combining his passion for music, good weed and visual art for his most cohesive and intimate work to date.
“The inspiration for the album is being heard as a visual artist that happens to make music,” Tuki tells XXL. “I’m coming from an area of creating art and explaining it through music. The inspiration also comes from the unity we and Taylor Gang have amongst each other, and that we’re open to learn new things. Of course it’s about weed and women, and having fun during the process… so really, the inspiration comes from everything without boundaries.”
More than simply a trippy-sounding title meant to sound artistic, the name Flowers and Planes serves to encapsulate one of Tuki’s biggest life philosophies.

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